Hey Alexander, thanks for the article. I design User Flows at the beginning of a project — before any wireframing has been done — to establish the possible journeys the user (or player in this case, as it’s for video games) takes through the app and the actions they need to be able to complete in each area. This is also a good opportunity to get an idea of the scale of the project as well as identify any areas of the flow that could be refined (such as shortening a player’s path to a commonly needed action).

I do this as one large map of each area, in the typical flow diagram style (different shapes with text labels). So, it confuses me to see flow diagrams like yours where the layout of each screen seems to have already been decided. How do you know what a screen should look like if you haven’t designed the wireframes yet, and are still figuring out the flow? To me it seems comparable to adding the UI Art before you’ve done the wireframes.

Hope this makes sense cause I’d love to know your opinion and get more context and reasoning on your process, as I wonder if I could use it to improve my own process. Thanks a lot.



Lead UX/UI Designer in the Video Games industry.

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